About us

Meet the Faces Behind Your Solar Future

Pat Carr

CEO & Team Member

At the heart of our company is Pat Carr, a dynamic figure who harmoniously blends his commitments to family, fitness, and a sustainable future. With a proven track record in the solar industry, he is fervently dedicated to transforming the way we approach solar energy. His ceaseless pursuit of improvement is a testament to his character, mirrored in his affection for fine automobiles. Living life in high gear, Pat Carr inspires everyone around him to embrace the fullness of their potential.

Yao Chen

President & Team Member

Accompanying him on this exciting journey is Yao Chen, an integral part of our mission to simplify the transition to solar energy for homeowners. When he’s not innovating in the solar sector, you’ll find him fulfilling his passion for speed and precision on the racetrack as a motorsport enthusiast. Together, Yao Chen and Pat Carr are driving the solar revolution, one home at a time.

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